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Established in 1995 Hotmail is one of the well-known e-mail services which are provided by Microsoft. It is also considered to be one of the leading e-mail services that have been used by several people around the world. Jack Smith with the help of his colleague Sabeer Bhatia invented Hotmail in 1995. In December 1997 Microsoft bought Hotmail from Bhatia for $ 400 million. The final version of Hotmail was released in October 2011 by Microsoft. The replacement of Hotmail has come up with a new name in 2013. 400 million users actively started enjoying the service by 2014. Hotmail gained a huge amount of popularity and even today Hotmail or Outlook has been considered to be one of the best email service providers. If any of the Hotmail problems occur or even if any situation comes when the Hotmail is not working then the users can easily access Support ADV to know the proper details such as Hotmail email support, Hotmail customer care, Hotmail support number. Support ADV is very useful as it gives excellent services towards their customers. The company helps with issues related to:

  • Privacy Settings
  • Unable to send the emails or receive mails
  • If users forget their password or user name
  • Spam related issues
  • If the account has been hacked

Any such issues can be resolved by the company almost instantly.

Hotmail Email Help

How Support ADV gives users full freedom to access their Hotmail?

Support ADV is considered to be the best option for the users as they give excellent solutions for PC as well as laptop.  The company is known for their quality, authenticity, and credibility and reliability. The clients from US, UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia approach Support ADV for any computer related issues and thus they are the most trusted online tech support company.

The various features of Support ADV have been illustrated below:

  • Support ADV ensures that they take the complete responsibility of PC related issues on their shoulders. Thus, they do not take any charge unless the problem is solved.
  • Support ADV can provide information regarding Hotmail account recovery, Unresponsive Hotmail Account, Hotmail tech support, Hotmail customer service number, Hotmail support phone number, Hotmail customer service phone number.
  • The company can be reached throughout the day and night as they work 24×7.

Thus, with the help of Support ADV, one can access Hotmail easily and can also get other computer related issues solved.

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