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What is an Email?

Electronic mail or email is the transfer of computer stored messages with the aid of telecommunication. The messages which are sent through email are normally programmed in ASCII text. However, you also have the option to send files without any text. For instance, sound files and graphic images can be sent as attachment in binary streams.

Electronic mail (email) was one of the primary uses of internet. It is still considered as the most widespread use. If you analyze the total amount of traffic over internet, you will find that email contains a large part of the traffic.

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Chief Advantages of Using Email Services:

In order to trace the source of first emails, you need to go back to 1960s. It has been considered as one of the best inventions of the modern age. Its invention has influenced a large percentage of lives. Emails can be referred as one of the best and popular means of communications. You can create a text and send it over a network of computers. Here is a quick glance at the advantages of using emails.

  • The language normally used in electronic mails is informal and simple.
  • Companies can promote their products and services among mass through emails.
  • Emails support pictures. So, you can send newsletter or even birthday cards as emails.
  • Emails are not a tough thing to manage. You can receive and send electronic messages. You can also save them easily on your computers.
  • Email is the only form of written communication that can be delivered at any part of the world within a few seconds.

So, if you want an environment friendly business, you can use emails as they do not use paper.