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There are many problems that may come in front of you while accessing the Hotmail account. Among many problems,downloading the email from your old account to the current Hotmail account is becoming one of the most challenging problem. The problem of login or problem in resetting the password are something that are always present but apart from that you may also find that some of the emails are missing or deleted after you import them. Contacting Hotmail technical support team is the best way out. This is because they will not only resolve the issue but they will also help you to find out the actual cause behind it so that you understand the cause properly and next time when you have similar problem you are able to solve it by yourself.

Hotmail technical support

Solution for resolving problem of importing the emails

Below mentioned are the steps by which you can import the email easily. At any step if you feel that you need any technical assistance then always feel free to take help of Hotmail customer support team. They will guide you through the steps one by one. Hence you can achieve the goal very easily. The steps are:

  • You have to first of all login in the account. In case you find that you have entered incorrect password or you are unable to remember the correct password then you can go for Hotmail password recovery by taking help of our team.
  • If you find that the account is not in working condition from which you are trying to import, then it may be because the account has been blocked. In that situation you can take help of Hotmail technical support
  • In the top right of the Hotmail account you have to click on settings then you have to click the accounts and import or accounts tab. If you have any problem in this step, then you can call us in Hotmail contact number and our team will help you to find the link.
  • In last step in the ‘check mail from other accounts’ you have to delete the email address you are importing from and then you have to again add it. Sometimes this step may solve your problem if not then you can always take help of our team by calling in Hotmail helpline number.

These steps may solve the issue but if you are unable to find out the actual cause of the problem then it is advisable that you seek help from experts of Hotmail technical support team.

Other issues:

  • You may face Hotmail login problem due to wrong login credentials
  • The emails arrive more than once and sometimes in wrong order.
  • Hotmail customer service team helps you to reset the connection.
  • Suddenly you find that you are having Hotmail account hacked.
  • You may still receive the new emails even after you stopped an import.

Above mentioned issues are some of the very common issues. Whether it is the issue of importing emails or issues like the ones mentioned above, whatever it is our Hotmail technical support team is always beside you to help you with appropriate ways to solve it.