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For the Hotmail account password is a very important component. If you don’t input correct password, then you can’t access the account. There are various circumstances when you may get it lost in that situation you are left with the option of Hotmail password recovery. There are multiple steps involved in the process of recovery.  At any step if you need any help to understand it, then always remember that our team is always beside you. They will not only provide you guidance for recovering the password but they will also ensure that you don’t face similar problem in future and you can always access your account without any hindrance.

Hotmail password recovery

Situations when you need to have Hotmail password recovery

  • The first instance when you will have to recover the password is when you forget the password. Once you forget the password you will not be able to login the account. Hotmail customer support team helps you in that case.
  • In case of multiple accounts, you may get confused between different passwords that belong to different usernames. If you mismatch those details, then you will have Hotmail login problem.
  • At any point of time you find that Hotmail account hacked, then the only way to bring it back from a situation is by recovering it.

Various problems that you have to face in the Hotmail password recovery process

  • Unable to remember the hints: For recovering the password you have to recognize the hints that you have provided and if you fail to remember it then you have to enter the correct username and the account that exactly belongs to you. If you want to resolve it completely then you can call in Hotmail technical support
  • Too many attempts: When you fail to recover it once never try multiple attempts. For protecting your account from fraudulent activities Hotmail has limited the attempts to recover the password via email, SMS or account recovery form. Your account will temporarily get disabled after too many unsuccessful attempts. If you come across such situation, then call us in Hotmail helpline number.
  • Security question doesn’t appear: When you try to recover the password it may not appear as a recovery option on the password recovery page but it may be available in the account recovery page as a series of questions are asked in that form. For getting a clear view on this you have to call us in Hotmail contact number. Our team members will help you to answer the security question and recover the password.
  • Doesn’t have secondary email address:If you are unable to access the option of secondary email address then you will have problem in receiving the set of instructions for recovering the password. You can take help of Hotmail customer service team who will link the email address with your account.

Hotmail password recovery is not a big issue until all the steps are followed in a proper format. If any help is needed at any point of time you will always find our team with you.