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People always believe words from expert people. And it is right too. Experts always give proper solutions for that particular problem depending on the users’ requirement, situation. Same thing happens when Gmail users depend on Gmail technical support team. But they are doing the right thing. Gmail technicians really take care well of every single user. They provide step by step instructions so that users can not feel any obstacle during creating account, composing mails or doing anything with their email account. Technicians can feel their pulse so they use light word to explain any method or any suggestion. Users can depend on them completely.

Gmail Technical Support

Gmail technical support team assure that, Gmail login problem is a common event in recent time. So users should not be scared of it. If it happens, get ready to deal it strongly. If it happens, then they should visit authentic Gmail site. . Then, they will be instructed to select ‘’forgot password’’ option. After that, users need to enter last remembered password. If they are unable to recall last password, they can contact with Gmail customer service team. On the next step, users need to follow some given on screen instructions. Then, users will receive some codes in their phone which they need to enter on the displayed space. They need to provide an alternative email address too. But users need to keep in mind that alternative email address should be easy accessible. After that, users need to enter new password (it should be unique).Then, users need to click on ‘’change password‘’ option. Then, users need to click on ‘’continue’’ option. After that, users need to click on ‘’accept’’ to let the newly created password to access their account.

How to protect Gmail account?

Some users don’t understand how to take care of their account. So when it refuses to respond in desired way, they just leave the account. But if they keep in touch with Gmail customer care team, then they will learn how to manage their account.

  • Users need to secure their password first. They should not share it with unknown person.
  • Users need to delete all old, unnecessary mails.
  • Users need to follow instruction during file attachment time to avoid attachment failure.
  • Users need to type the recipient address carefully.
  • Users need to delete or not to reply of any promotional/junk mail.
  • Users should not click any unknown link.
  • Users should be a regular visitor. They should not ignore the message or notification of trying to enter into their account from different browser/location/time zone.
  • Users need to upgrade their browser too.

How Gmail technical support team works?

They first ask the users for what reason they want to create account. If it’s completely personal then they provide different solutions and tips. But if the users answer that they want to purchase Gmail business account then technicians ask them different questions like? Will they prefer to try out trial service? For how long they want to continue this service. They also ask about the unlimited storage capacity too. Gmail technical support team is available for all types of users.

How to secure account from further hacking attack –

Hacking is huge headache to all users. To keep this thing in mind, they provide advices to deal with Gmail hacked account. And these advices are applicable for all types of users.

  • Users don’t need to share their password with unknown person.
  • Users should log out their account before leaving any public computer.
  • Account settings, mails settings, location settings, time zone should be checked by the users.
  • Users should not ignore those notifications which say ‘’someone else is trying login your id with different browser or from different location’’. If its users, then there is nothing worry. But if they are not, then they should contact with Gmail Help
  • Users should use not use any redirected link or unauthorised link to login their account. Chance of having hacked account will increase.
  • To find out the authorised link, users can start using a strong antivirus which will give them ‘’green’’ ‘’tick’’ mark beside the link .It means, that link is safe.
  • Password should be unique and mixed with alphabets and numbers. It should be changed after a regular interval.
  • Users need to check the alternative email address to find out it is same or not.

Gmail users can avail Gmail hosting service very easily. If they stuck anywhere, just need to contact the Gmail technical support team. Technicians are available for 24×7 hour. Users can dial toll free number. There is no call drop issue. Customized service is available for all types of users. They just need to express their problem and technicians will provide solutions or services accordingly. Technicians never compromise with the service quality.