You may often suffer from your printer problems and then you may need to apply some troubleshooting steps to resolve those problems. Also to get effective troubleshooting steps you should contact the tech support team.

For instance, if you are having problem with your Canon printer you will need to contact the tech support team by calling on their number or by visiting their support page to get canon printers troubleshooting steps.

canon printers troubleshooting

Here are some common printer problems and their troubleshooting steps are mentioned below:

  • You printer may not print or your printer may stop printing suddenly. Then you need to check things like whether there is an error message or warning light on the printer, whether there is enough paper in the tray, Whether the ink cartridges is full, whether the USB cable is plugged in or whether the printer is connected to the wireless connection properly. Also printer problem may occur due incorrect printer set as default. In that case you will need to go to the Control Panel and then Devices and Printers. After that right click on the printer name or model that you are using currently. Then set that printer as your default printer. This may help your printer to work properly.
  • If you are unable to print from your mobile or tab or any other devices you need to check the settings. Also you should know the right configurations to print from your device other than your PC. Also you should install a proper software in your mobile or tab to get print out properly. After installing that software you will need to go to the menu then Settings and then you need to go to the Advanced Settings and click Manage. After that you can add the printer attached to the PC. Then you can print from your mobile device.
  • Your printer often can show that it is running out of ink though there is still some ink left in the cartridge. You need to order a new cartridge but you should not install that until your printout’s colors are fading. But after installing a new cartridge if the printer still is showing that message you need to replace the ink toner or you should contact the tech support team.
  • Often papers may get stuck in the printer or paper tray. This is called paper jam problem. In that case you will need to remove every single piece of paper and then you should try to print. Also you need to be careful while loading the paper in the paper tray. The paper pile and the paper tray should be lined up properly. Otherwise you may have to face this paper jam problem frequently.
  • Also you need to check the settings, page settings and configuration properly. Otherwise your printer may not be able to print properly.

With the help of these canon printers troubleshooting steps you will be able to get rid of your printer related issues. But if you are unable to resolve the printer problem you should right away contact the tech support team to get better assistance.

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