In spite of being beneficial, printers at times can cause certain problems that can actually drive a person crazy. If a printer does not work then it can be a really frustrating thing as the tasks will not be completed within time which in turn may result in loss of revenue of the company and affect the productivity.


Listed below are some of the biggest printer problems that the users face along with some easy troubleshooting steps:

  • Printing is taking a lot of time: If the printer is too slow then you should ideally avoid two-sided printing. In addition, you can make certain changes to the printer settings that can help the printer to speed up. In order to make changes to the printer setting you can contact epson printer support customer care who can help in getting the settings changed appropriately.
  • Print quality is extremely poor: In case the printing quality is not good, then it can be because of the ink cartridge, cheaper quality ink cartridge can affect the printing quality. Moreover, it can be caused due to the blockage of the nozzles on the inkjet printer heads.
  • Paper jams: This is perhaps the most common problem faced by almost all printer users. This can be caused due to paper misalignment. Therefore, the user needs to ensure that the papers are placed properly in the tray so that the paper does not get stuck. However, you should never try to pull the paper that has been stuck in the printer as this can affect the functionality of the printer; rather you should use both the hands and pull the paper gently.
  • Printer is not printing: If the printer is not printing make sure that the cables are connected properly with the router and computer and in case of Wi-Fi enabled printer make sure that the printer is connected to the right network. Also it can be caused if the driver has been corrupted. Therefore, get the driver reinstalled and check if the printer starts to print again.
  • A message on the printer states that the printer is running out of ink but printing can still be done: You should not replace the ink cartridge immediately as the modern printers have the ink tank level indicator that issues warning if the ink is below the level. If you are able to print and the print is of good quality; then you should not bother to change the printer.
  • Printer is making strange noises: If strange noises are coming out from the printer, turn off the printer and wait for some time and then turn it back again. If the problem still persist get in touch with the Epson printer support team so that they can get the problem resolved. However, you should not power off the printer when it is in the mid of a printing task as this can hamper the functioning of the printer.

Thus, follow these simple troubleshooting steps in order to get rid of the biggest printer problems.

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