A printer when offline does not provide update to the PC and thus the PC cannot communicate with it. In simple words, the printer loses connectivity even when it is connected and functioning. In certain network conditions, the printer might get offline all of a sudden. This can seriously impact the user as it hampers the productivity of a company and important projects may get stuck. A linking to other devices is essential, as the printer must get information from other devices in order to print data and information. The printer may get offline due to problems with hardware, for example detached cables or out of order equipment, and complications with software, such as corrupted or mismatched driver files.


Experts say that this type of problems occur if

  • There is a very slow connection between the computer and the printer
  • There are numerous in progress print jobs in the queue
  • There is an internal error which the printer has encountered

In case the printer is offline ensure that the following troubleshooting steps are followed:

  • Check if the printer is turned on and there is no error displayed
  • Make sure that the printer is set as a default printer
  • Delete all the in progress print jobs
  • Check the status of the printer

Even if the problem still continues switch off the printer and disconnect the printer’s USB cable from the USB port of the PC. Now, switch on the printer and reconnect the USB cable back. Usually after this step the printer will start printing; however, if it still doesn’t print then restart the computer or the laptop to check if the printer can print. In case, the printer is still showing offline, then you should preferably approach a well-known online tech support company who should be able to assist you with brother printer customer service

In order to get the wireless printer online, at first you have to find out if the wireless connection is alright; if not try to make amendments so that wireless signal is strong. In fact, you can get the USB cable connected to get the printer working and then detach the cable. The technicians at brother printer customer service offers couple of unique solutions to this issue which include:

  • Disable the Simple Network Management Protocol or SNMP in the print driver. This is the suggested course of action since it takes not more than a minute and necessitates no technical skill. This method is ideal when one PC is having the “offline” error.


  • Disable the Simple Network Management Protocol or SNMP of the complete printer itself. This would involve going into the printer’s web interface and opening the printer port settings to disable SNMP. This technique is perfect when several users or computers are having the “offline” issue.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that with the help of these simple tips one can make an offline printer online.

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