Printers have become very useful equipment since it has been created.  But it is also a delicate thing which also requires proper care. Like other machines printers also can become useless if people do not properly take care of their printers. Without proper maintenance work, printers may not be able to provide better printing works.

Dell technical support number

Sometimes some common problems happen and those problems may not be solved by the users. That is why users need to contact printer support team by calling on their number such as dell technical support number or any other printer support number.

Technical support team can provide proper identification of printer related problems and can help users to solve those problems immediately. Also they can guide users regarding their printer maintenance.

Among the other printer problems paper jams in printers is most common. Users frequently have to face that problem. When it occurs frequently it can become so annoying.

Paper jam problem can happen due to these following reasons:

  • When paper rolls are loaded incorrectly in the paper tray.
  • If the paper tray is loaded with damp, torn or wrinkled papers.
  • If the paper tray is overloaded, so it can cause paper jam.
  • If the paper tray is loaded with more than one type of paper.
  • If access door of the printer remains open, papers can be jammed into the paper tray.
  • Sometimes torn pieces of paper from a previous jam might be stuck in the printer which can cause paper jam.
  • When obstructions block the paper path, printers may not be able to print.
  • Paper jam may occur if users insert dirty or damaged paper roll.
  • Paper jams may happen due to foreign objects which might have been fallen into the input tray.

Sometimes users try to resolve these problems by themselves but it is advisable that if still the problems are occurring frequently users need to contact tech support team by dialing their number such as dell technical support number to get proper aids.

But at first they should try these mentioned steps to reduce the chances of paper jams:

  • Users should keep their printers on a flat surface.
  • Users should often service their printers.
  • If papers are stuck in the printer, user should first turn off the printer and then turn it on again.
  • Users should regularly clean the paper rollers and paper tray.
  • Users should clean the previous jam properly before using the printer for another printing work.

By dialing dell technical support number users can get to know about more effective solutions which can help them to resolve printer jam related issues. Technical support team also can help users to get proper maintenance work for your printer.

To get optimal performance and better printer experience users always should take care of their printers properly. But they also should be very careful when they are trying to do the maintenance work. They also should use proper maintenance tools to open the printer and repair that. Otherwise they should contact tech support team to get the expert’s advice.

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