Everyone is technologically not sound enough to deal with the various complications that are involved in the purchasing and installing or reinstalling anti-virus software. Often people think that the entire thing is made or built up for technical people. Though they want to protect their system from malicious spyware and malware they find it difficult to understand and analyze which would suit their need the best.


Following are the few tips by avast antivirus technical support team for first time user of anti-virus:

  • Some of the software’s are based on one-time payment while you purchase and some have renew packages options with expiry after a certain period of time.
  • Some of the software’s have the free trial service option which enables you to try out the software without purchasing it for a short period of time; it is something like product sampling.
  • Always go through the privacy policies of the antivirus software provider companies because it is often said that they are the ones who were found to have shared your information with the hackers.
  • There are various types of anti-virus software’s available in market and all of them won’t be compatible in your system hence, keeping in mind the configuration of the model you using get an anti-virus.
  • Anti-virus with features like quick scan and speedy scan is always highly recommended it helps to save time invested in the entire scanning process.
  • Hence for running quick scan your system should be functioning properly as speedy scan can’t be done in a slow system.
  • An upgraded anti-virus would not only ensure safety and protect your system but the tracker system would keep a check and track on the potential threats and risk.
  • Many antivirus software comes with the option of download scanning, well this is the best option to choose from as most of the infectious spywares and malwares gets into system via download from internet.
  • So anti-virus software enabled with download scanning option would scan the file while it gets downloaded thus, viruses can be stopped before they can even enter the system.
  • Likewise is email scanning which has the option of checking for virus while the attachment is downloaded many anti-virus software companies such software’s.
  • Depending on the security of the data and information you should invest in an anti-virus, it is not mandatory to purchase an expensive anti-virus what matters is security

For people who already have antivirus software installed should first re-install the previous one before installing the new one. The installation method varies from one system to another. Generally different version of windows would have more or less same procedure with very minute variation. The process for installation would completely vary for IOS operating system.

The purpose or the motives of the viruses are many hence they can affect the system in many ways. Generally a virus affected system would show various signs and symbols but internally the damage occurring can’t be gauze externally. There are few viruses that can cause permanent damage to the system.

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