Buying costly ink cartridges is one of the most frustrating things since it can sometimes be cheaper to purchase a new printer; instead of buying the genuine ink cartridges. But if the user can take the required steps to increase the duration of ink cartridges; then it can prevent the user to invest on the ink cartridges more so often.


In order to increase the lifespan of ink cartridges one should follow the following points:

  • Pay close attention to the settings of your printer. The internal documents should be printed in draft mode as this lets the user to view or read documents without having to use the same level of ink.
  • In order to save ink on possible re-prints make a cross checking of the documents on-screen before printing it out. The technicians at epson printer tech support says that one should run a grammar check and spelling check before giving it for the print.
  • Unless a color printout is very much required; always print in black and white.
  • Always use the print preview option before giving prints as it helps in determining how many pages are needed to be printed. This is very much required in case of web pages and PDF files as they often contain information regarding website and headers which is not required.
  • If left idle for a long period of time, the ink cartridges can dry out over time. Therefore, it is important to keep them in an air tight container.
  • In order to prevent the cartridge from getting clogged or dried up, remove ink from contact before getting it stored.
  • Do not change the ink cartridge immediately at the sign of low ink warning rather, one should wait until the quality of output starts to weaken.
  • The document that needs to be printed should have smaller font size and try avoiding typefaces with thick words as these help in saving ink.

Usually the new printers come with a set of ink cartridges that are much smaller than the standard size. This is more for testing purposes only and you should not run print tests based on the initial set of ink supplied with your brand new printer. Instead, buy a brand new set of cartridges and replace the original set as soon as you can and then run your printer tests. You will get a much more accurate idea of how many pages you can print with your full set of new ink cartridges.

In order to know more on how to increase the life expectancy of ink cartridges one can contact the technicians at epson printer tech support.

Since, ink cartridges are expensive and without them a printer cannot perform; therefore, it is very important to abide by this simple tips so that the duration of the ink cartridges can increase.

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