Just as people need to take care of their health and go for regular checkup to extend their lifespan and to stay healthy; similarly, the computer as well as the printer requires regular maintenance, servicing so that they can last for at least ten years or more. Since the printers are usually very expensive; therefore, you should take extra care and precaution so that it can offer maximum performance and benefits. A normal inkjet printer usually last for about six years before it finally give up work, but laser printers usually last few more years. But no matter what type of printer you use if you do not take all the essential upkeep you will finish up changing your printer almost every couple of months.


The technicians at dell customer support number offer tips for users regarding how to increase the longevity of the printer which are mentioned below:

  • Keep the printer clean. This should be done by turning off the printer and remove the extra dust and dirt without using water.
  • When paper is jammed refrain from pulling the paper out through the output tray. As this can cause damage to the paper wheels which feeds the paper and can also tear the paper, leaving behind bits of torn paper, which will harm the printer at a later stage.
  • Keep the printer in regular use as this would prevent ink from clogging the printer heads which can result in missing colors. Regular use will also prevent dust from settling inside the printer which will eventually improve the performance of the printer.
  • Always purchase good quality toner and ink cartridges as cheaper one’s can impair the performance of the printer in the long run.
  • Do not turn off the printer all of sudden in the mid of a printing job as it can cause damage the printer. Instead use the power button on the printer to turn off the machine when not in use as this helps in preventing ink from drying out and assists the printer to perform at its best.
  • Always purchase good quality paper with excellent density or grammage as less density or a lower grammage are more expected to lead to paper jams which can eventually impair your printer. The technicians at dell customer support number states that 90g/m2 grammage or density is the standard option that exist in the industry for best quality printer paper.

Proper maintenance and handling of your printer machine makes a very big difference in producing the best results in your printing copies and extending the lifespan of your printer. If you want to have a high productivity machine with less maintenance costs, then you should follow these simple maintenance tips. However, the user must keep in mind that the life expectancy of the printer highly depends on sturdiness of the machine, how much it is used and how well it can be maintained.

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