Ransomware has indeed turned out to be one of the most infamous cyber threats. Once a ransomware intrudes your system, it quietly encrypts your files, including your valued photos, videos and documents. This complete procedure runs in the background so the user is not aware of the issue until it is very late. The thing that makes ransomware a malicious scam is that the encrypted files being detained ransom are still being kept on the computer.

Certain antivirus software are there in the market that promises to protect the system from ransonware; one such is Kaspersky internet security. As soon as Kaspersky Internet Security detects strange modification of the files, it instantly creates fresh copies of these files to prevent them from being hacked. Then it inspects the software that tried to alter your files. If it is truly suspicious, then the product blocks it.

Data Protected from Ransomware

Listed below are some of the tips from the experts at kaspersky support phone number that can help you to protect your data:

  • Ensure that you use an external hard drive to keep the backups of the vital files on a regular basis. After saving the files in the external hard drive make sure that that the backup files are in perfect condition. This is because at times due to an accidental failure the files can get damaged.
  • Refrain from opening attachments sent by an anonymous sender via mail.
  • In the Windows settings activate ‘Show file extensions’ option. This will help in differentiating possibly malicious files. Keep away from file extensions like “vbs”, “scr” and “exe”.
  • Update your browser, operating system, antivirus, and other programs on a regular basis. This will keep your system protected from viruses like ransomware.
  • Use a strong antivirus program like Kaspersky antivirus to protect your system from ransomware.
  • In case you feel like your system has been infected disconnect internet connection almost on an instant basis.

If you have installed Kaspersky Internet Security already, make sure that you adjust the settings in the below mentioned way:

  • Create a Protected file types group by using the Application Control component.
  • Configure rules for Low Restricted and High Restricted applications.
  • Now, in the application’s settings enable system watcher.
  • After this, configure the Firewall and block Internet access for High Restricted, Low Restricted, and Untrusted applications.

Apart from all these, you can also download Kaspersky WindowsUnlocker. This can help your system to stay protected.

To disinfect the registry using this utility follow the below mentioned steps:

  • On the bottom right corner of the screen, click on button K and select ‘Terminal’ from the menu.
  • Then enter the command windowsunlocker in the command prompt and press enter. You should do all these, if you have booted Kaspersky Rescue Disk in the graphic mode
  • In case it is booted in text mode, press F10 to close the menu. In the command prompt at the bottom of Midnight Commander enter windowsunlocker and on the keyboard press Enter.
  • Now, start the menu with the commands that appear in the Terminal window.

If at any point of time; you feel like you are not able to disinfect the registry; then contact the technicians on kaspersky customer service so that they can assist you with your issue.

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