Who doesn’t like Internet browsing to be free of any disturbance? A fast connection, opening multiple pages and no disturbing advertisements or pop ups. However, advertisements are put in webpages as not only are they a method to earn revenue, but also a chance for websites to increase the traffic to their online stores. However, there are a number of methods by which these advertisements can be prevented. One method would be to call up on the AVG customer service number and purchase their pop up blockers. Many a times these advertisements are malwares and clicking on the ads can infect the machine. Hence, one can employ one of the following methods to prevent advertisements from damaging the computer.


Use an advertisement cleaner like Adw Cleaner to enjoy an advertisement free Internet browsing experience and also ensure that the temporary files created by the advertisements are removed from the registry. If one calls up the AVG customer service number the executives will mention the following steps to remove the advertisements:

  • Close all browsers on the computer
  • Click on the AdwCleaner icon
  • Click on ‘Yes’ if one wants to learn more about the product
  • Click on ‘Scan’ so that the software can identify the advertisements.
  • Review the registry of files.
  • Click on ‘Clean’ to remove all temporary files from the computer.

If one wants to remove pop ups from appearing on the browser or to stop these completely then consider installing a programmer that is an anti-malware. These software also prevent intrusion by viruses, worms or malware programmer that can wreak havoc with the computers software. Some of the simple steps that can prevent a malware attack are as follows:

  • Purchase and install an anti-malware software.
  • During installation will appear with the question as to whether you want the programmer to make certain changes in the computer.
  • Click on ‘Run’ or ‘Next’.
  • Once the software is installed click on ‘Finish’.
  • The icon will appear on the desktop.
  • Click on the icon and start the ‘Scan’.
  • The scanning process will detect a number of temporary files.
  • Check the registry and click on ‘Remove’
  • Once the registry is cleared click on ‘Finish’.

All pop up and advertisements create a number of temporary files. These file are not directly visible on the download tray, but they are like programs running in the back ground. These files can slow down the computer extremely. When one calls up the AVG customer service number with issues like slow computer or the PC not working smoothly, the advice provided by the executive would be to run a malware detection programmer.

The objective of these programmer is to provide users with the option of enjoying a fast browsing experience. Additionally, some of these programmer also work in the background similar to that of an advertisement or a pop up blocker, thereby enhancing user experience. Hence, if one feels that browsing the Internet is becoming irritating with advertisements and pop up consider installing an anti-malware or pop up blocker programmer.

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