Printers are very helpful thing until it gives you a lot of trouble. You may often go for printer troubleshooting process to resolve your printer related issues. You may try to solve those issues on your own but still issues may remain. That is why you might need to take help from the tech support them. But before calling them or before asking for their help you need to check these below mentioned things:

Lexmark printer support

  • At first you need to check whether the printer is properly connected to the power outlet and also you should check whether the power outlet is working properly.
  • You also should check whether the printer and computer both are on.
  • You need to check whether you have loaded the paper tray and paper pile correctly.
  • Also you should check if the printer cartridge have installed properly.
  • If any error message is displayed on the control panel while installing or using the printer you should right away check why the error message is displaying.
  • Also you need to check whether the operating system is compatible with your printer or not.
  • Also you should check whether printer driver software is correctly loaded or not.
  • If you are using a printer regularly for printing work you need to set that as your default printer.
  • If your printer is not connected directly, it is connected through an external device, such as a USB hub or switch box you need to check that connection if the printer is not working properly.
  • You should check whether the ink toner is connected properly and also you should check its work ability.
  • Also you need to check whether the black ink and color ink both are full in the cartridge while you are using a color printer.

Also you need to run a test print after checking all these things. If still the problem remains you should right away contact customer support team such as Lexmark printer support team.

There are some other services that you can get from the printer support team and they are listed below:

  • The tech support team can provide standard installation and advanced installation services.
  • The support team also can help you by providing effective solutions for your printer related issues.
  • Also profitable installation services are included in their services.
  • They are also capable of enhancing the configuration of your printer. The enhanced configuration includes security settings, maintenance alert, embedded solutions, and workflow shortcuts.
  • By calling customer support helpline number such as lexmark printer support number you will be able to get waste management services.
  • Also the tech support team can help you in de-installation process for your printer.
  • The tech support team also can provide customized solutions according to your printer related issues.
  • Also they can train you about how to use or install or troubleshoot your printer.

Thus, calling on the tech support helpline number or by visiting their tech support page you will be able to get any kind of solution.

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