With increased web browsing options the chances of harmful programs like malware, worms and viruses entering the systems have increased. These programs not only affect or infect other programs in the computer, but can permanently damage the existing software. According to the Kaspersky technical support team most users are unaware of a harmful program affecting the system, unit it has slowed down the computer extensively. Sometimes, these programmes can cause the completely crash the system, so much so, that one is unable even to switch on the computer.



Some of the common methods by which virus or malware can enter into a system are as follows:

  • Through a flash drive if it has been used on a system that has been affected by a virus or a Trojan threat.
  • From visiting websites that are likely to carry virus or Trojan signatures.
  • By opening the attachment of a mail, whose sender is unknown to the user. These attachments usually carry the Trojan signature.
  • By clicking on advertisements or pop ups that carry the virus.
  • By downloading programs, screen savers and other such web accessible items that are already affected by the virus.

Once, these programs enter the system, they start affecting the individual programs. As the original programs of the system start getting affecting the performance and efficiency of the computer takes a hit. According to Kaspersky technical support team, users are normally unable to identify a Trojan threat at the onset. However, once the system is affected by the Trojan program the following problems can be detected:

  • The program can completely delete or overwrite a per-existing software. This will be evident in the program not performing as per norms.
  • As the system itself becomes vulnerable, it becomes easier for other viruses, malware and dropper Trojan programs to affect the system software.
  • It can affect the data stored in the system adversely. Many users whose systems have been affected by Trojan malware have reported about complete loss of data from the computer.
  • The Trojan program can also latch on to the key strokes of the system. This can prove to be dangerous as information such as credit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive information will become available unknown parties.
  • The system itself will be compromised to remote computers who can now access the system and extract information from it.

Thus, in a way the entire system and all user information can become publicly available in case a system is affected by a Trojan program.

Like the quintessential Greek wooden horse, the Trojan is a program that can take the user unawares. He or she would not be able to identify that the system has been affected by a Trojan worm unless it is too late. Hence, it is essential to follow some basic norms while browsing the Internet. Additionally, it is important to ensure proper protection for ones system by installing antivirus programs, anti-malwares to detect the entry of a Trojan worm and eradicate its presence from the system. It is always better to safe than sorry.

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