In these days almost every people depend on internet which is dangerous as well as complicated. It can help viruses to enter into someone’s PC or other devices and in that way viruses can harm a computer. That is why people should know that anti-virus software is must have tool to protect a computer.

Some anti-virus software’s are free and some are paid. People can easily go to an antivirus manufacturer’s website and also they can seek help from tech support team such as Norton technical support team in order to gather knowledge which software will be suitable for them.

A main benefit of free anti-virus software is that the software people can get without paying any money. Also it can be said that the devices like computer, laptop, and android can get protection for free. Buy it has also limits. Free anti-virus cannot offer the comprehensive protection which the devices may require. That is why people should opt for paid anti-virus. People can visit the manufacturer’s site to know about the anti-viruses and also they can online buy anti-virus software. Also people can take help from tech support team such as Norton technical support team while installing that anti-virus software.


These following comparisons will help you to decide which anti-virus software you should choose:

  • If you choose paid anti-virus software you can get best tech support whenever you need, but free anti-virus software cannot help you to get tech support.
  • When you choose free anti-virus software you will annoying ads, popups, or disturbing advertisements to upgrade to full version. If you choose paid anti-virus software, you do not have to face all these problems.
  • Paid anti-virus software can provide full protect to a computer and this can help your system to stay upgraded and protected from hackers. Free anti-virus software may have some limitation which will prevent them to provide thorough protection.
  • Paid anti-virus software can provide additional safety to protect your identity online and they can be very useful when you are using internet. But free anti-virus cannot be mush helpful as they may not always effectively detect viruses and spyware.

Free anti-viruses also have some benefits as they can be very helpful as well as cost effective for home users who occasionally browse on the internet and play games. Also to avail free anti-virus software you do not have to use your credit or debit card and do not have to provide personal information online.

Though some paid anti-virus software is designed to support anti-phishing, they may not be able to offer that sometimes. For paid anti-virus manufacturing companies should provide effective tech support but sometimes they only support by phone, which may not be very helpful for every user. That is why you should think twice while choosing anti-virus software.

It can be quite of a problem while choosing anti-virus software as both paid and free anti-virus software has some advantages and disadvantages. It is advisable that you should go for paid software if you use your PC for important work or to share important documents online.

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