Following are the Instructions to download and install your new Avast antivirus. Prior to following the steps below, please ensure that your computer meets the minimum technical specifications for installing Avast Antivirus. You can find the minimum requirements for your antivirus software on its cover pack.

Downloading and installing the AVAST antivirus:

Note: If you already have it installed on your computer and you simply need to activate or reactivate your product, please skip to the Activating AVAST instructions below.

  1. Download the product installation file only from its authentic website.
  2. Execute the downloaded executing file to start the installation process.
  3. Click on start installation, accept the EUA and follow the instructions on your screen.

In case of further issues contact our SupportADV team will try their best to solve your avast antivirus technical support issues by instructing you step by step either in call or online via chat or email. SupportADV’s certified agents are composed and are ready to deliver you with unequalled support avast via online services, phone or e-mail. Trained in-depth on Internet security resolutions, as well as third-party tools, Go for the Avast customer service phone number as given in SupportADV website as they are fully are committed to being approachable to your needs and to providing you with the utmost level of technical support and above all these services are available 24*7 hours all the year.