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Nowadays, criminal activities have increased in the cyber space. There is always a possibility that your account has been hacked, phished or compromised. Sometimes, you come to know about the situation when you are unable to access the account anymore as the hacker might have changed the password of the account. That is very devastating situation and you should immediately consult experts for recovery of ATT email hacked account. If you receive any spam message and you find anything suspicious in your account, then you must instantly reset the password so that the hacker loses access of the account.

ATT Email Hacked Account

How to understand that the account has been hacked?

  • Often, the people within your address book or some strangers complain that they are receiving spam messages from your account. There is a complete chance that you are not sending those spam messages. This implies that somebody has hacked your account and that person is sending those messages.
  • Another symptom of ATT email hacked account is that you are unable to receive any emails. This happens because there is a possibility that your emails are redirected to some other account by the hacker. In that situation without delay you must contact the support team for recovery and getting back all your messages.
  • Sometimes you may find that some of your emails are missing from your inbox. This situation arises only when somebody else is deleting the emails. In another instance, you have difficulty in sending emails and the messages get bounced frequently as the hacker is preventing you from sending or receiving emails from your email account.
  • Even when you are entering proper details still you are unable to login in the account then there are chances that you are suffering from ATT email hacked account. When you come across such situation you must recover the password with the help of support team and then recover it completely from hacked state.

Generally, when the login details of the account are compromised through phishing or through key logging malware then you have to face the situation of hacked. This situation has become common these days. With criminal intention of misusing the details people try to hack the account of others.Once login information is stolen by the hacker from your account they use hacked account for sending the spam and fraudulent emails to hack the other accounts and further misuse those account. Hence, only with the help of ATT email customer service team you can again regain access of your account and prevent misuse of your personal information.

How to recover the account?

There are few precautionary steps that you must follow to prevent the situation of ATT email hacked account. Suppose your account has been already then also sometimes these recovery steps are useful.

  • Change password: After every fixed period of time you must reset the password as it minimizes the immediate risk to the account. You can safeguard the account by selecting a strong password which is mixture of alphabets, numbers and special characters. You can avail help of our team if you need any assistance in the process of changing the password.
  • Update security questions: You must keep the security questions updated in the account. If the security questions are updated, then it allows you to make the changes in your account information as you have to answer the questions for making the changes. So, whenever the hacker tries to reset your password of your account then he can’t because of the security questions as he has to first answer the security question that you have updated.
  • Secure the computers: Your computer must be kept secured by installing antivirus in it. If any malware enters the computer, then there are chances that it will steal the information from there. Further, the malware works to hack the account and further hack your account. Hence, it becomes utmost important that antivirus is used on the computers for providing it complete protection.
  • Update the email settings: You can access the settings of the ATT email account. This could be done through the gear icon present at the top right. You have to select the settings and make the required changes in it. This would prevent the account from being hacked. The settings must be changed accordingly. You can always take help of our executives if you find that you are having trouble making the necessary changes.

These are some of the ways to recover the ATT email hacked account.  You must analyze the situation when you find any of these symptoms and then try to solve the situation. Most of the time, you are unable to solve the situation in that case you will have to take help of the support team. The professionals of our team are present round the clock to assist you with proper solution.